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 We Are The Covington Family

Hi there, and thank you for visiting our site La Petite Poodles. We are a small home based poodle breeding program located in Texas just northwest of Houston.. I am married to an awesome man, who loves his poodle babies, almost more than I do. And a mom to four wonderful kiddos, who dont have to asked to help spoil these adorable poodle babies.

Here at La Petite Poodles, we breed genetic health, sound tempermants and gorgeous colors. Our babies are our business 24/7. We are striving to bring quality lifetime companions. For this reason we do not continuously have litters of puppies available. We do however provide a waiting list. Here at La Petite our utmost concern is the cleanliness and comfort of our babies.We handle these babies from birth also using the bio sensory "super puppy" program. This program helps to improve your puppy in many areas including a stronger heart rate and heart beat, and a better tolerance to stress. We also ensure proper socialization later adding additional playtime with other puppies and friends and family. We want your baby to be healthy, happy and ready to give you the love you crave.

About our poodle Moms and Dads,  they are our family pets. They sleep inside our home, with whomever they decided they feel has the most comfy bed that night. Typically a day at our house consists of breakfast, morning playtime, lunch, and then a well desrved nap. These guys are out playing, and romping, but will on their own go to their beds, and take a timeout, or a siesta away from the others. Im the type of Mom that gets down in the floor to play and socialize our babies. They are fed high quality food. They have their Doctor visits just as you and I would, for yearly exams, and shots as needed.We do our own grooming here at La Petite Poodles.

We are at each and every planned breeding, ensuring that the health and well being of your soon to be baby is at its best. We are as well conveniently located 20 minutes from our local vet and only 25 minutes to the nearest emergency vet.

We keep our babies as long as needed to ensure their health is not at risk when they leave with you. Hypoglycemia can be a risk when we produce babies that are considered the tiny toy and teacup size. Most times this requires your baby not be able to leave until 10 weeks of age.

We will ship your baby for you through United Continental Airlines. They have a pet safe program which provides care for the puppy while he or she is off the plane. If your baby is needing shipping this is an additional cost. When picking up your baby at the airport we recommend bringing a small bottle of water, a towel, moist towlettes, and a blanket. Sometimes these flights do get delayed, and cause for the puppy to potty in his or her crate, and will need to be tended to upon recieving.

We are as well in the process of researching the use of ground transportation/puppy nanny, if that is a choice you prefer over the one day flight. Although ground shipping can take more than one day. Sometimes this is an alternative that works out better for both the puppy and new owner.

Email us at lapetitepoodles@gmail.com  Sundays is set aside for family time. 





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